Development status and soundcard support

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Development status and soundcard support

Postby andersrh.arh » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:39 pm

Hello everyone.

I have read alot on this forum and some days ago I tried installing OSS4 and compare it to ALSA and discovered the difference you are talking about in this forum. The difference is HUGE! And after installing OSS4 I could now hear how bad ALSA is.

I would like to know if OSS4 is still actively developed? I have looked up the commit tree and the only commits I see is tweaks so that OSS works for new versions of the Linux kernel.
The one drawback for me to use OSS is that I can't get sound over HDMI to my TV - so I need to use VGA and a jack cable.
The advantage of OSS is however that I get fantastic sound on my speakers.

I would really like to use OSS for daily usage, so do you anyone know if it is possible to add HDMI support to OSS? This page: says that I could contact Hannu. Is he still active?

I could add the feature myself but I don't have the skills in this development area.

Best regards.

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Re: Development status and soundcard support

Postby dev » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:42 am


You can contact Hannu ( or me ( if you have any questions about the sources. We have now put OSS into maintenance mode - there aren't any new sound cards on the market since the Intel HDA device has now become a standard for all desktop systems.
USB audio is very specialized for either pro-audio or non-audio devices like MIDI controlled devices.

We welcome any developer who wants to take a stab at adding HDMI support to OSS's HDAudio drivers.


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