OSS v4.0rc8 Build 190

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OSS v4.0rc8 Build 190

Postby dev » Tue Jan 23, 2007 7:56 am

We're announcing OSS v4.0 for:
- Linux x86/AMD64 (v2.6)
- Solaris x86/AMD64/Sparc (v9 and v10)
- FreeBSD x86/AMD64 (v6)
- UnixWare x86 (v7)
- Open Server x86 (v6)

What's new?

o New and Improved Virtual Mixer driver
* Transparently supports mixing of mono/stereo/4/5.1/7.1 audio streams
* Full Duplex support - now each virtual device support full duplex/mmap I/O
* Mixer Panel integrated into device's main mixer panel.
* Multiple Instances supported - each device can now have its private virtual mixer
* Loopback audio support - record what you hear
* Multiplexed Input support - record the same input on multiple channels in different formats (useful if you're running different streaming servers

o Bug fixes for HDAudio, AudigyLS and other drivers.

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