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OSS build 1011

Postby dev » Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:37 am

OSS v4.0 build 1011 is announced for Linux, Solaris, BSD and UnixWare.

Change log:

1) Solaris:
- removed /usr/lib/oss completely - all configuration is in /etc/oss
- Fixed up module autoloading so that ddi-force-load is no longer needed
- Fixed up support for xVM kernels.

2) Linux
- Fixed up support for Linux 2.6.22 kernels

3) FreeBSD
- Added support for FreeBSD 7.0 beta4 (i386)

- fixed ossmix segfault problems when no devices exist
- changed ossinfo output to be better formatted
- HDaudio support for new P35 chipset added
- New dedicated mixer support for HDAudio created.
- SBlive VU meter crashing problems fixed

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