OSS 3.99.2a

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OSS 3.99.2a

Postby dev » Thu Jan 20, 2005 2:09 am

We are happy to announce OSS 3.99.2a

What's new?

1) Beta support for USB Audio/MIDI devices

2) ALSA emulation (libsalsa) allows you to run most common ALSA apps
(eg XMMS, esd-alsa, artsd-alsa, Alsaplayer and others) via OSS drivers

3) Change in licensing - no more lowlevel driver options! - one price gets
you all the consumer drivers (PRO audio devices requires option).

4) OSS is now free for home/personal use (no support) - only restriction is
you need to refresh the software every 4 months. But other than that
there are no other restrictions in time or devices or other aspects.

Best regards

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