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OSS v3.99a

Postby dev » Thu Feb 05, 2004 8:15 pm

We are happy to announce OSS v3.99.0a Beta for Linux 2.4/2.6 (x86)

What's new?
    - Support for Linux 2.6.2 (x86)

    - New OSS/3D Fidelity Enhance feature added to Virtual Mixer PRO. 4Front's Fidelity Enhance allows you to playback music, watch DVDs, play games and enhance the audio quality in ways you will never imagine that this could be done on Linux.

    - OSS/3D 3D Spatialization feature added to Virtual Mixer PRO. 3D Spatialization effect works with any soundcard and give your audio a warmer feel

    - OSS/3D Reverb feature added to Virtual Mixer PRO. 3D Reverb effect adds real-time reverb characteristics to any audio stream and works with any soundcard.

OSS v3.99b is beta and all time out restrictions are removed. This version will still nag you by playing some "star wars" like sounds after 3 hours but only when the device is idle. For all practical purposes it's "free beer".

Please test it thoroughly and report problems to support@opensound.com

Please also post your reviews to the General Discussions topic on this forum and this will help us improve the software that will eventually become OSS v4.0 (after 10 odd years of OSS v3.x)

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar

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