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OSS 3.99.1b

Postby dev » Mon Apr 19, 2004 10:29 pm

We are pleased to announce OSS 3.99.1b (stable) version of Linux on x86 and AMD64.

What's new?:
    * Support for REGPARM enabled Linux 2.6 kernels added. There are two versions of OSS for Linux 2.6 - depending on whether your kernel is compiled with REGPARM or not, you'll need to get the appropriate package.
    * Fixed up IMUX driver bugs
    * Fixed ESS Solo-1 driver full duplex bug and fixed Cirrus Logic CS4281 drivers.
    * ossctl will now display Multichannel capable devices so that you can set them as default when playing with apps such as Xine/Mplayer/etc.

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar

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