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OSS 3.99.1c

Postby dev » Wed Apr 28, 2004 9:13 pm

We are announcing OSS 3.99.1c for Linux (x86 only)

What's new?

(----April 30 update----)
- Fixed up Envy24HT/PT 6 channel mode output.
- uninstall script now reverts back any changes made by OSS to the /etc/modules.conf (2.4) or /etc/modprobe.conf (2.6) kernel.
(----April 30 update----)

- OSS now automatically creates symlinks called /dev/dsp_ac3 and /dev/dsp_multich to devics in /dev that support AC3 passthrough or Mutichannel output. Apps can now just open /dev/dsp_ac3 if they want AC3/SPDIF output or /dev/dsp_multich to do 4/5.1 mulitichannel analog output. This helps in easily identifying AC3 or Multichannel devices when OSS apps need to do AC3 or Multichannel output.

- Updated ossctl to show ac3/multichannel devices - easy identification of AC3 or Multichannel capable devices.

- Fixed ISA DMA bugs for Linux 2.6 kernels.

- Flagging errors when trying to run OSS on Fedora 2.6 kernels compiled with 4K Stacks (same problems as Nvidia/ATI faces)

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