USB Soundcard Nightmares...

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Re: USB Soundcard Nightmares...

Postby Anonymo » Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:44 am

Maxa wrote:
Anonymo wrote:
kristian wrote:[BUILD DIRECTORY]/kernel/drv/oss_usb/ossusb_audio.c

I'm on Arch Linux, I don't think I have a build directory.

Arch Linux has pkgbuilds on their site, similar to gentoo ebuilds. ... ty-x86_64/ from here, download and extract the tarball, then "makepkg --nobuild" to download and extract the sources in "src/" subdirectory. Edit the sources as needed, then build with "makepkg --noextract". See makepkg manual if you need more info and options, there's also something in wiki

I think this worked; it's playing at least. I disabled onboard sound and plugged in USB card; still showing onboard though. Residual?

Code: Select all

[raul@Atreides ~]$ ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.2 (b 2002/200911220103) (0x00040100) GPL
Platform: Linux/x86_64 2.6.31-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov 10 19:01:40 CET 2009 (Atreides)

Number of audio devices:   13
Number of audio engines:   17
Number of MIDI devices:      0
Number of mixer devices:   2

Device objects
 0: osscore0 OSS core services
 1: oss_hdaudio0 nVidia HD Audio interrupts=13494 (36247)
    HD Audio controller nVidia HD Audio
    Vendor ID    0x10de0ac0
    Subvendor ID 0x104382fe
     Codec  0: ALC888 (0x10ec0888/0x104382fe)
     Codec  3: Unknown (0x10de0007/0x10438356)
 2: oss_usb0 USB audio core services
 3: usb041e3042-0 USB sound device
 4: usb041e3042-1 USB sound device
 5: usb041e3042-2 USB sound device

MIDI devices (/dev/midi*)

Mixer devices
 0: High Definition Audio ALC888 (Mixer 0 of device object 1)
 1: USB sound device (Mixer 0 of device object 3)

Audio devices
HD Audio play front               /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0  (device index 0)
HD Audio play rear                /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm1  (device index 1)
HD Audio play center/LFE          /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm2  (device index 2)
HD Audio play side                /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm3  (device index 3)
HD Audio play pcm4                /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm4  (device index 4)
HD Audio play spdif-out           /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout0  (device index 5)
HD Audio play spdifout            /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout1  (device index 6)
HD Audio play spdifout            /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout2  (device index 7)
HD Audio rec mix                  /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcmin0  (device index 8)
HD Audio rec mix                  /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcmin1  (device index 9)
HD Audio rec speaker              /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdin0  (device index 10)
USB sound device play             /dev/oss/usb041e3042-1/pcm0  (device index 11)
USB sound device rec              /dev/oss/usb041e3042-2/pcmin0  (device index 12)

  /dev/dsp -> /dev/oss/usb041e3042-1/pcm0
  /dev/dsp_in -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0
  /dev/dsp_out -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0
  /dev/dsp_ac3 -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout0
  /dev/dsp_mmap -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0
  /dev/dsp_multich -> /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/spdout0

Thanks for the help Maxa and kristian. Maxa for helping a noob out. :D
I updated the Arch Wiki with this info ... SB1090_USB

Opened Bug Report

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