ossplay 'wheeze' on vmware/fedora12

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ossplay 'wheeze' on vmware/fedora12

Postby alexp » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:13 am

Hello OSS team!
I'm using oss on Fedora12 installed on vmware. Host machine - WinXP x64
My linux software is playing 16bit/mono/22kHz wav files.
One strange thing with virual mixer:
1) Case 1: vmix0-enable: ON
I heare some 'wheeze' during wav-files playback even if I'm using ossplay utility
2) Case 2: vmix0-enable: OFF
Sound is clear but I can't mix the sound from 2 or more file descriptors in my application.
Please help me resolve 'wheeze' issue.
Thank you,

ossplat command line is
$ ossplay -v /mnt/atis2/D/snd/sound/sound.1/visib/rvrless.wav
Playing WAVE file rvrless.wav, 16 bits/mono/22050 Hz
Time: 00:01.32 of 00:01.32 VU --
ossmix -v3 output
(2.86 KiB) Downloaded 664 times
ossinfo -v3 output
(3.1 KiB) Downloaded 664 times

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Re: ossplay 'wheeze' on vmware/fedora12

Postby cesium » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:19 pm

Some ideas:
A) Set "vmix_no_autoattach=1" in /usr/lib/oss/conf/osscore.conf and (after restarting OSS) attach vmix manually using "sudo vmixctl attach -M /dev/oss/oss_sbpci0/pcm0 /dev/oss/oss_sbpci0/pcm0". Maybe that would help?
B) Set "apci97_latency=128" in /usr/lib/oss/conf/oss_sbpci.conf, restart OSS, and try again.
C) Yet another idea is to set vmix0-src to OFF in the mixer. This disables SRC, but not mixing. This does limit mixing (all participants should use same rate/format) though.

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