Noise in ice1724 based soundcard

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Re: Noise in ice1724 based soundcard

Postby igorzwx » Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:08 am

wwmm wrote:I tried to play a 6 channel file in xmms and deadbeaf but it was not possible. Xmms just did nothing and deadbeaf played only 2 of the 6 channels, despite its status bar was showing "6 channels". My only option to reproduce the noise was to play a stereo file with vmix enabled and set to Multich. Here are the results:

- Xmms behaved identically to mplayer, vlc, gstreamer(via phonon) and xine(via phonon). Noises were produced everytime I did a forward/backward seek in the file;

- With deadbeaf I could hear strange noises whenever I clicked the play/pause buttons but there was no noise during seeks.

If something does not work with Deadbeef, you may contact the developer.
Sergey told that he is a very nice person, and he is very happy to have OSS4 users reporting bugs.
Usually, he fixes bugs very fast.

If xmms does produce the same noise, you may file a bug.
Have you already removed libpulse?

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