envy24ht midi in jack. (M-audio 192)

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envy24ht midi in jack. (M-audio 192)

Postby zedDB » Fri May 13, 2011 9:15 am

I finally bought my self an midi keyboard (cme uf80) but I have problems getting the midi in jack on my soundcard to work.
OSS creates two midi devices /dev/midi00 (input) and /dev/midi01 (output) I haven't tested the output but the input is dead. cat /dev/midi00 give me no output what so ever when i send in midi events.
I checked just to be sure that it was not my keyboard but it seem to transmit the events fine.

I have looked at the dev docs and wiki but I haven't found anything that might help me debug this.
The keyboard has USB output also. But I really want to use the real midi output. Is there any easy way to debug this.
There seems to be code in place for midi in the envy24ht driver. So I wonder if it's just a case of where the driver is "looking" at the wrong input and thus /dev/midi00 is silent.

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