How to bind ossxmix with gnome control volume

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Re: How to bind ossxmix with gnome control volume

Postby rrodriguez1975 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:33 pm

Hi all again,
I have been trying to solve this but without success, even I have upgraded from kernel 3.8.8 to the last one 3.8.10-1 but without success. I remember that with kernel 3.6.6 it was working.

Regarding to volume, sometime it is lower and other higher? for example, when executing osstest, the volume is correct, and from other apps like smplayer, but for example in youtube the volume level is too low even if I set all the volumes to the high in the ossxmix mixer. Is there a way to set volume higher? In the config file /usr/lib/oss/conf/osscore.conf I have set ac97_amplifier=1.

Thanks very much for your great effort investigating on this "issue".

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Re: How to bind ossxmix with gnome control volume

Postby nuc » Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:33 pm

For the sake of completness:
It appears the the issue concerning xfce4-mixer was a bug. It's long fixed by now, but somehow I couldn't find the motivation to post here or didn't have the time..

By the way: gstreamer 1.0 has dropped support for sound mixing (because of archaic code and severe buggyness). As a "constructive conclusion", the xfce devs consider implementing sound mixing via PulseAudio. Cheers
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