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Compiling and linking

Postby L29Ah » Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:54 pm

Is there a sane way to compile and link OSS without wreaking havoc into the currently running installation (as opposed to the default linking-on-soundon behaviour)?
I'm playing with OSS to make it suspend-aware and want some quick way to see if my changes are fine to test on a live hardware.

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Re: Compiling and linking

Postby dev » Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:12 pm


The way we work with OSS:

login as root:

1) extract OSS source in /usr/src/oss-v4.2-build2010-gpl
2) mkdir /usr/src/oss42
3) cd /usr/src/oss42
4) sh /usr/src/oss-v4.2-build2010-gpl/configure
5) make
6) make install

This will install OSS in /usr/lib/oss and will configure your sound cards and run soundon.

You can then modify the sound driver in /usr/src/oss42/kernel/drv/oss_<xxx>/ - then run make install in the /usr/src/oss42 top directory and it will rebuild whatever you modified and install the new driver in /usr/lib/oss and relink the new modules and reinstall the driver and run soundoff and soundon.

this way you can check your changes. in just one easy step.

edit the file
make install

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