oss panic on OpenSolaris 0508

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oss panic on OpenSolaris 0508

Postby JasonMars » Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:10 am

My machine is running opensolaris 0508 and the sound card is Intel ICH.
My system panic several times due to oss driver, I run the mdb to check it and found it panic on oss_audio_sync when it tried to report message to FMA after it got timeout from oss_sleep. During that, it panic becase of NULL deference.

The panic always happens on the cpu schedule some apps like "firefox or thunderbird". You can see from the following analysis.

Here is the detail steps:
1. running mplayer and it play well.
2. OS panic accidentally.
mdb 0
> ::panicinfo
cpu 0
thread eb5f8a00
BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=ec2697ac addr=4b occurred in module "unix" due to
a NULL pointer dereference
gs 10201b0
fs 4030000
es f0f0160
ds 12020160
edi 4b
esi b
ebp ec269c90
esp ec2697e4
ebx 4b
edx 77d00001
ecx d7a74388
eax 0
trapno e
err 0
eip fe866a06
cs 158
eflags 10202
uesp 4b
ss 5001
gdt fe7fe00002cf
idt fe7fd00007ff
ldt 0
task 150
cr0 8005003b
cr2 4b
cr3 ff2c000
cr4 6d8
> eb5f8a00::findstack -v
stack pointer for thread eb5f8a00: ec269680
ec26969c panic+0x12(fe8b70c0, e, fe8b7284, fe8b7170, ec2697ac, 4b)
ec2696fc die+0x98(e, ec2697ac, 4b, 0)
ec269798 trap+0x12a5(ec2697ac, 4b, 0)
ec2697ac 0xfe80037c()
ec269c90 atomic_add_64+6(d2bcf170, d2bcf170, 0, 0, 0, ec269d10)
ec269ccc ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x26(d2bcf170, ec269d10, 77d00001, 91417da4, 1,
ec269db8 oss_audio_sync+0x3c2(d445cc48, 0)
ec269e04 oss_audio_ioctl+0x15b(1, d88cbbfc, 5001, ec269e34, 0, 0)
ec26ae40 oss_ioctl+0x1a5(3, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26ae6c cdev_ioctl+0x2e(4440003, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26ae90 spec_ioctl+0x65(d69d3840, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26aed0 fop_ioctl+0x49(d69d3840, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26af84 ioctl+0x155()
ec26afac sys_sysenter+0x106()
> d2bcf170::devinfo2driver
Driver 'ich' is associated with devinfo d2bcf170.
NOTICE: IRQ16 is being shared by drivers with different interrupt levels.
This may result in reduced system performance.
WARNING: Output timed out (sync) on audio engine 1

BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=ec2697ac addr=4b occurred in module "unix" due to a NULL pointer de

#pf Page fault
Bad kernel fault at addr=0x4b
pid=941, pc=0xfe866a06, sp=0x4b, eflags=0x10202
cr0: 8005003b<pg> cr4: 6d8<xmme>
cr2: 4b
cr3: ff2c000

gs: 10201b0 fs: 4030000 es: f0f0160 ds: 12020160
edi: 4b esi: b ebp: ec269c90 esp: ec2697e4
ebx: 4b edx: 77d00001 ecx: d7a74388 eax: 0
trp: e err: 0 eip: fe866a06 cs: 158
efl: 10202 usp: 4b ss: 5001

ec2696fc unix:die+98 (e, ec2697ac, 4b, 0)
ec269798 unix:trap+12a5 (ec2697ac, 4b, 0)
ec2697ac unix:cmntrap+7c (10201b0, 4030000, f)
ec269c90 unix:atomic_add_64+6 (d2bcf170, d2bcf170,)
ec269ccc genunix:ddi_fm_ereport_post+26 (d2bcf170, ec269d10,)
ec269db8 osscommon:oss_audio_sync+3c2 (d445cc48, 0)
ec269e04 osscommon:oss_audio_ioctl+15b (1, d88cbbfc, 5001, )
ec26ae40 osscommon:oss_ioctl+1a5 (3, 5001, 0, 102002,)
ec26ae6c genunix:cdev_ioctl+2e (4440003, 5001, 0, 1)
ec26ae90 specfs:spec_ioctl+65 (d69d3840, 5001, 0, )
ec26aed0 genunix:fop_ioctl+49 (d69d3840, 5001, 0, )
ec26af84 genunix:ioctl+155 (b, 5001, 0, ec26afa)
> ::cpuinfo -v
0 fec23558 1b 4 0 49 yes no t-0 eb5f8a00 mplayer
| |
RUNNING <PRI> ::showrev
Hostname: beigai
Release: 5.11
Kernel architecture: i86pc
Application architecture: i386
Kernel version: SunOS 5.11 i86pc snv_91
Platform: i86pc
> ::stackregs
ec269c90 atomic_add_64+6(d2bcf170, d2bcf170, 0, 0, 0, ec269d10)
ec269ccc ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x26(d2bcf170, ec269d10, 77d00001, 91417da4, 1, d8a857a0)
ec269db8 oss_audio_sync+0x3c2(d445cc48, 0)
ec269e04 oss_audio_ioctl+0x15b(1, d88cbbfc, 5001, ec269e34, 0, 0)
ec26ae40 oss_ioctl+0x1a5(3, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26ae6c cdev_ioctl+0x2e(4440003, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26ae90 spec_ioctl+0x65(d69d3840, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26aed0 fop_ioctl+0x49(d69d3840, 5001, 0, 102002, d5f44f28, ec26af78)
ec26af84 ioctl+0x155()
ec26afac sys_sysenter+0x106()
> ddi_fm_ereport_post::dis
ddi_fm_ereport_post: pushl %ebp
ddi_fm_ereport_post+1: movl %esp,%ebp
ddi_fm_ereport_post+3: andl $0xfffffff0,%esp
ddi_fm_ereport_post+6: leal 0x1c(%ebp),%eax
ddi_fm_ereport_post+9: pushl %eax
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0xa: pushl 0x18(%ebp)
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0xd: pushl 0x14(%ebp)
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x10: pushl 0x10(%ebp)
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x13: pushl 0xc(%ebp)
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x16: pushl $0x0
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x18: pushl $0x0
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x1a: pushl $0x0
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x1c: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x1f: pushl %eax
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x20: pushl %eax
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x21: call -0x2ea <fm_dev_ereport_postv>
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x26: addl $0x28,%esp
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x29: leave
ddi_fm_ereport_post+0x2a: ret
> atomic_add_64::dis
atomic_add_64: pushl %edi
atomic_add_64+1: pushl %ebx
atomic_add_64+2: movl 0xc(%esp),%edi
atomic_add_64+6: movl (%edi),%eax
atomic_add_64+8: movl 0x4(%edi),%edx
atomic_add_64+0xb: movl 0x10(%esp),%ebx
atomic_add_64+0xf: movl 0x14(%esp),%ecx
atomic_add_64+0x13: addl %eax,%ebx
atomic_add_64+0x15: adcl %edx,%ecx
atomic_add_64+0x17: lock cmpxchg8b (%edi)
atomic_add_64+0x1b: jne -0x12 <atomic_add_64>
atomic_add_64+0x1d: movl %ebx,%eax
atomic_add_64+0x1f: movl %ecx,%edx
atomic_add_64+0x21: popl %ebx
atomic_add_64+0x22: popl %edi
atomic_add_64+0x23: ret
> oss_audio_sync::dis
oss_audio_sync: pushl %ebp
oss_audio_sync+1: movl %esp,%ebp
oss_audio_sync+3: subl $0xac,%esp
oss_audio_sync+9: movl %ebx,-0xac(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0xf: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x12: movl 0xf0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x18: movl %eax,-0x4(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x1b: movl $0x0,-0x20(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x22: movl $0x0,-0x24(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x29: movl 0xfec03bb4,%eax <hz>
oss_audio_sync+0x2e: movl %eax,-0x28(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x31: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x34: movl 0x98(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3a: cmpl $0x2,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3d: je +0x5 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x3f: jmp +0x55d <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x44: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x47: movl 0xf0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4d: movl 0xdc(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x53: andl $0x1,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x56: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x59: je +0x5 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x5b: jmp +0x541 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x60: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x63: movl 0x94(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x69: andl $0x10,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x6c: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x6f: jne +0xe <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x71: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x73: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x76: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x77: call -0x21c <oss_audio_post>
oss_audio_sync+0x7c: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x7f: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x82: movl 0x94(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x88: andl $0x10,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x8b: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x8e: jne +0x8 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x90: jmp +0x50c <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x95: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x96: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x97: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x98: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x9b: movl 0xfc(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xa1: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xa4: je +0x11 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0xa6: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xa9: movl 0x100(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xaf: andl $0x2,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xb2: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xb5: jne +0x5 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0xb7: jmp +0x4e5 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0xbc: movl $0x0,-0x18(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0xc3: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0xc5: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xc8: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0xc9: call +0x5053202 <mutex_enter>
oss_audio_sync+0xce: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0xd1: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xd4: movl 0x94(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0xda: orl $0x2,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0xdd: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xe0: movl %edx,0x94(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0xe6: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xe9: movl 0xc8(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0xef: movl 0xcc(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xf5: movl %edx,-0xc(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0xf8: movl %eax,-0x8(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0xfb: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0xfe: movl 0xe8(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x104: movl %eax,-0x30(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x107: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x10a: movl $0x0,0xe8(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0x114: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x117: movl 0xe8(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x11d: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x120: jne +0x31c <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x126: movl -0x24(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x129: movl %eax,-0x34(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x12c: movl -0x24(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x12f: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x130: movl %eax,-0x24(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x133: movl -0x34(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x136: movl %eax,-0x38(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x139: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x13c: movl -0x38(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x13f: cmpl 0x9c(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x145: jge +0x2f7 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x14b: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x14e: movl 0xc0(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x154: movl 0xc4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x15a: cmpl -0xc(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x15d: sbbl -0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x160: jae +0x2dc <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x166: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x169: movl 0xf0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x16f: movl $0x0,0xe4(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0x179: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x17c: movl 0xc0(%eax),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x182: movl 0xc4(%eax),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x188: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x18b: movl 0xa4(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x191: movl 0xa4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x197: sarl $0x1f,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x19a: addl %ecx,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x19c: adcl %ebx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x19e: movl %edx,-0x14(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x1a1: movl %eax,-0x10(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x1a4: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1a7: movl 0xc8(%eax),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x1ad: movl 0xcc(%eax),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x1b3: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1b6: movl 0xa4(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x1bc: movl 0xa4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1c2: sarl $0x1f,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1c5: addl %ecx,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x1c7: adcl %ebx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1c9: cmpl -0x14(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x1cc: sbbl -0x10(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1cf: jae +0x2b <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x1d1: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1d4: movl 0xc8(%eax),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x1da: movl 0xcc(%eax),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x1e0: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1e3: movl 0xa4(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x1e9: movl 0xa4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1ef: sarl $0x1f,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1f2: addl %ecx,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x1f4: adcl %ebx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1f6: movl %edx,-0x14(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x1f9: movl %eax,-0x10(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x1fc: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x1ff: movl 0xc8(%eax),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x205: movl 0xcc(%eax),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x20b: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x20e: movl 0xa4(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x214: movl 0xa4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x21a: sarl $0x1f,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x21d: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x21e: pushl %edx
oss_audio_sync+0x21f: pushl %ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x220: pushl %ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x221: call +0x501ba1a <__urem64>
oss_audio_sync+0x226: movl %eax,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x228: movl %edx,-0x3c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x22b: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x22e: movl 0xc8(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x234: movl 0xcc(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x23a: movl -0x14(%ebp),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x23d: movl -0x10(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x240: subl %edx,%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x242: sbbl %eax,%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x244: movl %ebx,%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x246: leal 0x1(%ecx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x249: movl %eax,-0x20(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x24c: movl $0x0,-0x2c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x253: movl -0x2c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x256: cmpl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x259: jge +0x38 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x25b: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x25e: movsbl 0xe0(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x265: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x268: movl 0x14(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x26b: addl -0x3c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x26e: movb %dl,0x0(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0x271: movl -0x3c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x274: movl -0x4(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x277: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x278: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x279: idivl 0xa4(%ecx)
oss_audio_sync+0x27f: movl %edx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x281: movl %eax,-0x3c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x284: movl -0x2c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x287: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x288: movl %eax,-0x2c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x28b: movl -0x2c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x28e: cmpl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x291: jl -0x38 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x293: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x296: movl 0xa0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x29c: imull 0xfec03bb4,%eax <hz>
oss_audio_sync+0x2a3: movl -0x4(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x2a6: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x2a7: idivl 0xa8(%ecx)
oss_audio_sync+0x2ad: movl %eax,-0x28(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x2b0: movl 0xfec03bb4,%eax <hz>
oss_audio_sync+0x2b5: movl $0xa,%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x2ba: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x2bb: idivl %ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x2bd: movl -0x28(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x2c0: addl %edx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2c2: movl %eax,-0x28(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x2c5: movl 0x8(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x2c8: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x2ca: leal -0x1c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2cd: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2ce: leal -0x18(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2d1: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2d2: movl -0x28(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2d5: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2d6: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2d9: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2da: movl 0x1e0(%edx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2e0: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2e1: call +0x1d58a <oss_sleep>
oss_audio_sync+0x2e6: addl $0x18,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x2e9: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2ec: jne +0x106 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x2f2: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2f5: movl 0x60(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2f8: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x2f9: pushl $0xf9810154
oss_audio_sync+0x2fe: pushl $0x2
oss_audio_sync+0x300: call +0x5165eab <cmn_err>
oss_audio_sync+0x305: addl $0xc,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x308: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x30b: movl 0x1f8(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x311: movl 0x8(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x314: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x315: movl %eax,0x1f8(%edx)
oss_audio_sync+0x31b: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x31d: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x320: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x321: call +0x50530ba <mutex_exit>
oss_audio_sync+0x326: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x329: movl -0x18(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x32c: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x32d: movl %eax,-0x18(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x330: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x332: pushl $0xd8a85798
oss_audio_sync+0x337: pushl $0xd8a85790
oss_audio_sync+0x33c: pushl $0xf9810180
oss_audio_sync+0x341: pushl $0x64
oss_audio_sync+0x343: leal -0xa8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x349: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x34a: call +0x506dd41 <snprintf>
oss_audio_sync+0x34f: addl $0x18,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x352: movl $0x1,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x357: movzbl %al,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x35a: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x35b: movl 0xf980f348,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x361: movl 0xf980f34c,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x366: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x367: pushl %edx
oss_audio_sync+0x368: call +0x512539f <fm_ena_generate>
oss_audio_sync+0x36d: addl $0xc,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x370: movl %eax,-0x44(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x373: movl %edx,-0x40(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x376: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x379: movl 0x144(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x37f: movl 0xe0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x385: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x388: je +0x3b <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x38a: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x38d: movl 0x144(%eax),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x393: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x395: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x397: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x399: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x39b: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x39d: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x39f: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x3a1: pushl $0x17
oss_audio_sync+0x3a3: pushl $0xd8a857a0
oss_audio_sync+0x3a8: pushl $0x1
oss_audio_sync+0x3aa: movl -0x44(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x3ad: movl -0x40(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3b0: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3b1: pushl %edx
oss_audio_sync+0x3b2: leal -0xa8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3b8: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3b9: movl 0x10(%ecx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3bc: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3bd: call +0x50f23d6 <ddi_fm_ereport_post>
oss_audio_sync+0x3c2: addl $0x38,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x3c5: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3c8: movl 0x144(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3ce: movl 0xe0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3d4: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3d7: je +0x17 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x3d9: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3dc: movl 0x144(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3e2: pushl $-0x20 <0xffffffe0>
oss_audio_sync+0x3e4: movl 0x10(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3e7: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3e8: call +0x50f1c2f <ddi_fm_service_impact>
oss_audio_sync+0x3ed: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x3f0: jmp +0x1ac <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x3f5: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x3f6: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x3f7: nop
oss_audio_sync+0x3f8: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x3fb: movl 0xe8(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x401: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x404: jne +0x3c <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x406: movl -0x24(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x409: movl %eax,-0x3c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x40c: movl -0x24(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x40f: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x410: movl %eax,-0x24(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x413: movl -0x3c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x416: movl %eax,-0x40(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x419: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x41c: movl -0x40(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x41f: cmpl 0x9c(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x425: jge +0x1b <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x427: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x42a: movl 0xc0(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x430: movl 0xc4(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x436: cmpl -0xc(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x439: sbbl -0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x43c: jb -0x2dc <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x442: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x444: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x447: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x448: call +0x5052f93 <mutex_exit>
oss_audio_sync+0x44d: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x450: movl -0x18(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x453: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x454: movl %eax,-0x18(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x457: movl $0x0,-0x20(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x45e: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x461: movl 0xdc(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x467: movl 0x20(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x46a: cmpl $0x0,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x46d: je +0x122 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x473: movl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x476: movl %eax,-0x34(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x479: movl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x47c: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x47d: movl %eax,-0x20(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x480: movl -0x34(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x483: movl %eax,-0x38(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x486: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x489: movl 0xdc(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x48f: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x492: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x494: movl 0x60(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x497: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x498: movl 0x20(%edx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x49b: call *%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x49d: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x4a0: movl -0x4(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x4a3: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x4a4: idivl 0xa0(%ecx)
oss_audio_sync+0x4aa: movl -0x38(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x4ad: cmpl %eax,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x4af: jg +0xe0 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x4b5: movl $0x0,-0x18(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x4bc: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x4be: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4c1: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4c2: call +0x5052e09 <mutex_enter>
oss_audio_sync+0x4c7: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x4ca: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4cd: movl 0x60(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x4d0: movl 0xd8a48118,%eax <audio_engines>
oss_audio_sync+0x4d5: movl (%eax,%edx,4),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4d8: movl 0xf0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4de: movl $0x0,0xe4(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0x4e8: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4eb: movl 0xa0(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x4f1: imull 0xfec03bb4,%eax <hz>
oss_audio_sync+0x4f8: movl -0x4(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x4fb: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x4fc: idivl 0xa8(%ecx)
oss_audio_sync+0x502: movl %eax,-0x28(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x505: movl 0xfec03bb4,%eax <hz>
oss_audio_sync+0x50a: movl $0xa,%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x50f: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x510: idivl %ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x512: movl -0x28(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x515: addl %edx,%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x517: movl %eax,-0x28(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x51a: movl 0x8(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x51d: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x51f: leal -0x1c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x522: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x523: leal -0x18(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x526: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x527: movl -0x28(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x52a: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x52b: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x52e: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x52f: movl 0x1e0(%edx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x535: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x536: call +0x1d335 <oss_sleep>
oss_audio_sync+0x53b: addl $0x18,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x53e: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x540: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x543: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x544: call +0x5052e97 <mutex_exit>
oss_audio_sync+0x549: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x54c: movl -0x18(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x54f: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x550: movl %eax,-0x18(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x553: movl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x556: movl %eax,-0x3c(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x559: movl -0x20(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x55c: incl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x55d: movl %eax,-0x20(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x560: movl -0x3c(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x563: movl %eax,-0x40(%ebp)
oss_audio_sync+0x566: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x569: movl 0xdc(%eax),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x56f: movl 0x8(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x572: pushl $0x0
oss_audio_sync+0x574: movl 0x60(%eax),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x577: pushl %eax
oss_audio_sync+0x578: movl 0x20(%edx),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x57b: call *%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x57d: addl $0x8,%esp
oss_audio_sync+0x580: movl -0x4(%ebp),%ecx
oss_audio_sync+0x583: cltd
oss_audio_sync+0x584: idivl 0xa0(%ecx)
oss_audio_sync+0x58a: movl -0x40(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x58d: cmpl %eax,%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x58f: jle -0xe0 <oss_audio_sync>
oss_audio_sync+0x595: movl -0x4(%ebp),%eax
oss_audio_sync+0x598: movl -0x30(%ebp),%edx
oss_audio_sync+0x59b: movl %edx,0xe8(%eax)
oss_audio_sync+0x5a1: movl -0xac(%ebp),%ebx
oss_audio_sync+0x5a7: leave
oss_audio_sync+0x5a8: ret

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Postby JasonMars » Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:25 am

Sorry, the version of oss is 1016 stable. As following
# ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.0 (b1016/200806171344) (0x00040003)
Platform: SunOS/i86pc 5.11 snv_91 (beigai)

Number of audio devices: 1
Number of audio engines: 6
Number of mixer devices: 1

Device objects
0: ich0 Intel ICH5 (24D5)
1: sadasupport0 SADA compatibility layer
2: osscore0 OSS common devices
3: ossusb0 USB audio/MIDI device

Mixer devices
0: ICH AC97 Mixer (AD1981B) (Mixer 0 of device object 0)

Audio devices
Intel ICH5 (24D5) /dev/oss/ich0/pcm0 (device index 0)

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Postby JasonMars » Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:44 am

Did I report the bug in the correct location? Please tell me if I report in the wrong place.

Are there any bug-track system I can report the bug to. Maybe it is an existing bug.

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Postby SeaJey » Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:03 am

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