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no audio device

Postby krussader » Mon Mar 07, 2005 12:30 am

I don't know if this is really a problem cause i'm newbie in Solaris 10. I installed OSS and all seems to be ok (I mean "soundon" "osstest"), but still no sound. In the tray i get "No audio device" and when i click "Couldn't open mixer device /dev/audioctl". Maybe i didn't configure somethig right. The sound card is detected :

Card config:
Sound Blaster Live at 0xdf80 irq 11

Audio devices:
0: SB Live (DUPLEX)
1: SB Live playback 1 (front)
2: SB Live playback 2 (surround)
3: SB Live playback 3 (center/lfe)
4: SB Live playback 4
5: SB Live playback 5
6: SB Live playback 6
7: SB Live playback 7
8: SB Live 5.1 output device

Synth devices:

Midi devices:
0: SB Live external MIDI

0: SB Live (STAC9758)

dsp6: pid 1093 OUT
dsp7: pid 1093 OUT
dsp8: pid 1093 OUT
dsp0: pid 1103 IN OUT
dsp0: pid 1146 OUT

I would be grateful for any suggestions

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