FrreBSD, oss and microphone

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FrreBSD, oss and microphone

Postby drookie » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:30 am

I have FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE, oss 4.0-1015 and an Audigy SE audio card.

Though all sound output works almost nice (except some weird hangups when I receive 'Device busy' error) I just can't get my mic working.

The mic itself is proved to work. The hardware part of the sound card is working too (was working under XP).

I'm sure the problem is in vmix0-in channel, which is marked as 0:0 in ossmix. When I'm trying to adjust its value ossmix says 'Control vmix0-in is write protected'.

I've read in this forum that vmix isn't working under freebsd but I can say that this is wrong: I'm using the /dev/dsp8 device in arts/KDE -

Code: Select all

# ls -l /dev/dsp8
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  19  3 июн 14:10 /dev/dsp8 -> /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm0
# ls -l /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm0
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel    0, 107  3 июн 14:10 /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm0

Is there any way to adjust this value ? If this is a compiled default - is there any way to recompile it with a proper settings ?

If I am wrong, then how else can I get my mic working ?

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Postby cesium » Tue Jun 03, 2008 12:24 pm

vmix0-in is a readonly information control - it shows the volume of vmix input, and it can't be set (this is clear when ossxmix is used).
What is the output of 'ossmix'?

[edit: clarify]

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Postby drookie » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:05 pm

here is goes:

Code: Select all

# ossmix
Selected mixer 0/AudigyLS Mixer
Known controls are:
pcm <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 78:78)
rear <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 75:75)
center <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 75:75)
ext.spread ON|OFF (currently OFF)
ext.loopback ON|OFF (currently OFF)
ext.recordvol <monovol> (currently 128)
ext.recordsrc <MIC|LINE> (currently MIC)
vmix0-src <Fast|Low|Medium|High|High+|Production|OFF> (currently Fast)
vmix0-vol <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
vmix0-out1 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm8 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out2 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm9 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out3 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm10 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out4 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm11 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out5 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm12 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out6 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm13 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out7 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm14 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out8 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-out.pcm15 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0-out9 <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)
vmix0-in <leftVU>:<rightVU>] (currently 0:0)

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Postby cesium » Tue Jun 03, 2008 5:47 pm

So it's the audigyls driver. Another user (Ionic) has also issues with recording (same driver), and we didn't find a solution... What happens if LOOPBACK or SPREAD are set to ON?

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Postby dev » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:53 pm


run ossmix ext.recordsrc LINE and then run ossmix ext.recordsrc MIC

Now run ossmix ext.recordvol 256 and see if recording works.

There may be something about having to toggle the mic input correctly.


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Postby drookie » Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:19 am

No, that didn't help.

By the way I just noticed (examinig logs) that each time I'm trying to get the record I get the log messages "osscore: audio device 4 cannot do recording".

The ossinfo shows (yes, I have 2 soundcards, one of them is onboard, but I don't use it because of its poor quality; no, I plugged the microphone in the proper slot of Audigy):

Code: Select all

# ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.0 (b1015/200805290641) (0x00040003) BSD
Platform: FreeBSD/i386 7.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE #0: Sun Feb 24 19:59:52 UTC 2008 (

Number of audio devices:        24
Number of audio engines:        24
Number of mixer devices:        2

Device objects
 0: audigyls0 AudigyLS
 1: ich0 Nvidia nForce4
 2: vmix0 OSS transparent virtual mixer

Mixer devices
 0: AudigyLS Mixer (Mixer 0 of device object 0)
 1: ICH AC97 Mixer (ALC850) (Mixer 0 of device object 1)

Audio devices
AudigyLS front                    /dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm0  (device index 0)
AudigyLS (shadow)                 /dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm1  (device index 1)
AudigyLS center/lfe               /dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm2  (device index 2)
AudigyLS surround                 /dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm3  (device index 3)
AudigyLS 5.1 output               /dev/oss/audigyls0/pcm4  (device index 4)
Nvidia nForce4                    /dev/oss/ich0/pcm0  (device index 5)
Nvidia nForce4                    /dev/oss/ich0/pcm1  (device index 6)
Nvidia nForce4 S/PDIF out         /dev/oss/ich0/spdout  (device index 7)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm0  (device index 8)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm1  (device index 9)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm2  (device index 10)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm3  (device index 11)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm4  (device index 12)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm5  (device index 13)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm6  (device index 14)
AudigyLS front (VMIX0)            /dev/oss/vmix0/pcm7  (device index 15)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm8  (device index 16)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm9  (device index 17)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm10  (device index 18)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm11  (device index 19)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm12  (device index 20)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm13  (device index 21)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm14  (device index 22)
Nvidia nForce4 (VMIX1)            /dev/oss/vmix1/pcm15  (device index 23)

Does that mean I just don't have a device for the microphone ?

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