very low latency on FreeBSD.

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very low latency on FreeBSD.

Postby flyweight » Fri May 21, 2010 8:02 am

I posted my question on the freebsd board and on the xwax devel mailing list but no luck.
so i try it here were I hope the audio guru's are.

I think my question is freebsd kernel and oss related.

The latency is about the sound comming in and out again.
For Dj-ing with control vinyl to play wav, flac and pcm tune on a cpu.
It works like this, every turtable is converted to line level (RIAA conversion) and than send out to the (ad/da) cpu. so 2 turtables need 4 inputs.
A program xwax for example interprets the timecode (audio signal) and controls the pitch and song possitions from the songs loaded in the memmory. this is than send back via the soundcards output. This way you can play digital audio files and have the control and feel of real analog vinyl. As i like to scratch its important to have a very low latency <5ms. at the high sample rates my sound card can do this the question is can Fbsd?

or do i have to run a dedicated Debian with a realtime kernel?

Note, This has nothing to do with MIDI. although there are similarities.
Only a working multi i/o soundcard is needed.

sorry for the noise but thanks anyhow.



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