Virtual Mixer pro doesn't work ?

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Virtual Mixer pro doesn't work ?

Postby Willits » Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:45 pm

Hi all,

I am under FreeBSD 4.4, and I have got the latest OSS driver.

And, I have a problem, I don't think that Virtual Mixer pro work, I have enabled it with soundconf, but I can't start totem (gstreamer) and xmms at the same time. XMMS say that the device are already used.

In the past, with Solaris 10, I haven't got this problem.


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Postby BSDKaffee » Tue Jul 19, 2005 8:59 pm

I think Dev already answered that here: I wish automatic allocation worked too, but what I can manage without it.

Here's what I do: I use KDE, so I assign the aRts sound server its own channel (/dev/dsp2), xmms its own channel (/dev/dsp3), then I symlink /dev/dsp to /dev/dsp4 which takes care of everything else that I cannot configure to use a particular /dev/dspn. I can't imagine more that 3 sounds playing at once. I never had any conflicts, anyway.

To link /dev/dsp to /dev/dsp4, I just put this in /etc/rc.local:

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/usr/local/lib/oss/bin/soundon #start OSS drivers
rm /dev/dsp  #remove the dsp link that OSS creates
ln -s /dev/dsp4 /dev/dsp  # link dsp to dsp4

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