[IMPORTANT] Very bad sound quality with OSS

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[IMPORTANT] Very bad sound quality with OSS

Postby Willits » Wed Jul 20, 2005 3:10 pm

Hi all,

I have got FreeBSD 5.4 and Oss 3.99.3b.
So, I have configured OSS with the Intel ICH4 driver (autodetected by oss), and I have added Virtual Mixer pro as device.

I have tryed the sound with osstest, the fist sound device work great (/dev/dsp)
And I have also tryed with osstest -V.
And when OSS have tested the first virtual device, the sound output was very bad.

- I have got also a problem with ESD.

When I start the ESD sound server, I have got also a very bad sound quality. For exemple, when I try the esd output with Gstreamer, the sound is horrible (I haven't got the beep, but an horrible sound).

- [MOST IMPORTANT] Problem with Xine.

I cannot play any sound file with sound, the sound is horrible (the problem is not comming from the media file). I have set the oss output in the xine configuration, and the sound is horrible, like ESD. I can't play any sound file with Xine.

--> There are this bug with ESD and Xine, so is it really an oss problem.

- My hardware.

I have got an Realtek ALC650 (ac97) soundcard in an Abit be7 motherboard.

And I have only this problem on FreeBSD (under Linux and Solaris, no problem, the sound work great (and Virtual Mixer pro too)).


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