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Configuring KDE

Postby auricle » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:23 am


I have just installed OSS for desktopBSD. I have an M-Audio Revolution 7.1

I just need a couple of pointers on how to correctly configure KDE to use OSS. For example, in the control panel under sound hardware, do I set it to use Auto or OSS? The same for Amarok, Kaffeine, etc. What are the optimal settings I should use? Should I always select OSS, Auto or aRts?


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Postby BSDKaffee » Sun Apr 16, 2006 3:20 am

In the KDE Control panel, I have had the best results with the following settings:
Sound & Multimedia --> Sound System --> General Tab
Uncheck the "Run with the highest possible priority" box
--> Hardware Tab
Set the "Select audio device" dropdown to Autodetect
Check the "Use custom sampling rate" box and set to 48000 Hz
Check the "Override device location" and set to something like /dev/dsp3 so that aRts doesn't take over the real channel (I use virtual may actually have more real still keeps aRts off of /dev/dsp which is good because some programs that cannot be configured to use an arbitrary channel and will only try to use /dev/dsp).

For Amarok, I use the GStreamer engine since I have gotten the best results out of it.
Configure Amarok --> Engine (GStreamer)
"Output plugin" -> ossink
The GStreamer engine allows you to set an output device.
I use /dev/dsp4 and reserve that channel just for amarok.

I don't think the xine engine allows for an arbitrary device to be'd probably have to hack the code.

Sorry, I don't use Kaffeine.

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