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Dependency based boot

Postby Keren_Sky » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:18 pm

Hello all,
I installed some updates on Debian Squeeze this morning. Among them was something called "dependency based boot". However the process of setting that up fails with

Configuring sysv-rc ├────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐
│ │
│ Unable to migrate to dependency based boot system │
│ │
│ Tests have determined that problems in the boot system exist which prevent migration to dependency based boot sequencing. It is recommended to migrate for the following │
│ reasons: │
│ │
│ * the order of boot and shutdown is calculated dynamically, using │
│ dependency information declared within each init.d script, which │
│ ensures optimum and correct boot sequence for the set of installed │
│ packages │
│ * protection against problems introduced by new or upgraded packages │
│ by preserving the boot sequence when problems are detected; the boot │
│ sequence is only modified if it is safe to do so │
│ │
│ │
│ If the reported problem is a local modification it needs to be fixed manually. If it's a bug in the package it should be reported to the BTS and fixed in the package. See │ ... yBasedBoot for more information about how to fix the problems preventing migration. To reattempt the migration process after │
│ the problems have been fixed, run 'dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc'. │
│ │
│ The following problems were detected: insserv: warning: script 'K20oss' missing LSB tags and overrides, insserv: warning: script 'oss' missing LSB tags and overrides,

1) Can I modify " K20oss" and "oss" to add "missing LSB tags and overrides"? If so what would I need to add?
2) Or would compiling and building a version of oss-linux from tesing solve this?
3) Has this sort of problem been solved already? I'm not sure what to search for. :)

Thanks for the input.

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Re: Dependency based boot

Postby cesium » Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:28 pm

Which version of OSS are you using (you can see this in "ossinfo" output)? IIRC, OSS v4.2 should have the LSB tags in the oss init script... If you're not using it, you can install the new version or copy the init script from the mercurial repo and use it with the older version (no real changes other than that addition).

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