Launch OSS in RealTime mode

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Launch OSS in RealTime mode

Postby Willits » Thu Jul 14, 2005 2:03 pm

Hi dev,

I have got FreeBSD 5.4, and I have got a little problem with OSS.

Oss work very fine (no, there are a little bug but I put this bug in a another post).

When I start an application (I am using Gnome, without ESD loaded), and I have XMMS or an another Media player loaded, the sound block (for some milliseconds), and restart normally after.
For exemple, I have XMMS who are playing a media file, I launch nautilus, and when nautilus is loading, the sound block (or are "saccaded" (I don't know if this word exist in English)), and when Nautilus is showed (so is it loaded), the sound is normal.

I have got the latest version of Oss.


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