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Soundcard IRQs

Postby alarcher » Sat Nov 24, 2007 5:16 pm

I run Opensolaris and installed OSS 4.0 v1009.

My card is recognized as:

Code: Select all

bash-3.2$ ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.0 (b1009/200711141733) (0x00040003)
Platform: SunOS/i86pc 5.11 opensol-20071119 (charon)

Number of audio devices:        3
Number of audio engines:        11
Number of MIDI devices:         0
Number of mixer devices:        1

Device objects
 0: hdaudio0 Intel HD Audio
    HD Audio controller Intel HD Audio
    Vendor ID    0x80862668
    Subvendor ID 0x101405b7
     Codec  0: AD1981 (0x11d41981/0x10140597)
     Codec  1: Unknown (0x14f12bfa)
 1: sadasupport0 SADA compatibility layer
 2: osscore0 OSS common devices
 3: ossusb0 USB audio/MIDI device
 4: vmix0 OSS transparent virtual support

MIDI devices (/dev/midi*)

Mixer devices (/dev/mixer*)
 0: Intel HD Audio AD1981 (Mixer 0 of device object 0)

Audio devices
/dev/oss/hdaudio0/pcm0  Intel HD Audio play  (device index 0)
/dev/oss/hdaudio0/pcm1  Intel HD Audio <null>  (device index 1)
/dev/oss/hdaudio0/pcmin0        Intel HD Audio rec  (device index 2)

I had no problems to configure the soundcard but my system is now rather slow and sound is interupting temporarily when I switch from an application to another (web browser mainly).

intrstat shows that interrupt is shared between USB, networking card, pcmcia and soundcard... is it a problem and how can i get rid of it ?

Thanks in advance,


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