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  • Supported audio formats
    • Supports 8/16/24/32 bits/sample audio formats
    • Supports sampling rates from 8KHz up to 200KHz
    • Supports mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1 and multichannel audio devices
  • Transparent Software based Audio Mixer
    • Allows applications to share the same "real" audio device regardless of what format is requested by the application.
    • Supports recording and full duplex in addition to playback.
    • Ability to mix stereo and multichannel audio streams up to 7.1/200Khz/32bit.
    • Supports full 24 bit range without loss of precision during internal computations.
    • Each application has its own independant volume controls.
    • Supports loop back recording. This enables you to "record-what-you-hear". Typically this is useful for recording streaming audio or trapping audio from applications
  • 64bit internal processing guarantees audio fidelity and precision if the audio data needs to be converted.
  • New device enumeration and mixer API makes it very easy to manage devices programatically.

Currently unimplemented or incomplete features

  • power management features like support for suspend/resume
  • jacksense may not work (especially the hdaudio cards found on many laptops have such problems)

Source Code

Open Sound System is available under GPLv2/CDDLv1/BSD at:

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