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  • Always read your drivers' manpage.
  • Always test with osstest
  • When consulting the forum, attach the output of 'ossinfo -v3' and 'ossmix'.

How do I...

  • Change mixer settings - ossmix (command line), ossxmix (GUI)
  • Start and shut down OSS - soundon, soundoff (both require root)
  • Save and restore mixer settings - savemixer (saving requires write permissions for
  • Build OSS from source
  • Other Tips And Tricks

I can't hear any sound!

  • Did OSS load at all?
  • Does osstest work?
  • Are the outputs muted in the mixer?
  • HDAudio: Are the jacks detected by OSS as output, actually the jacks connected to the speaker?
  • Is this an hardware issue?
    • Are the speakers muted?
    • Is the soundcard connected correctly to the speakers?
    • Do other drivers available for your OS (e.g. ALSA for Linux, FreeBSD native) work?

I hear noises!

  • Many soundcards' hardware requires output mixers be set to less than maximum (60% at times).
  • Set vmix0-src to an higher setting.
  • Is the cable from the soundcard to the speakers connected correctly? Could it be too long?

I can't get multiple sound clients to play on the same device

  • On FreeBSD version, multiple clients to same device aren't supported. Either set programs to use separate devices, or use sound server like aRts, esd, etc.
  • Is vmix loaded?
    • If so, make sure vmix1_masterdev in vmix.conf is set to the output device's device index.

I can't get sound/volume control from an application!